12th english notes pdf

Bihar board inter English 100 marks Subjective + Objective Guess

12th english notes pdf


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By :-pramod kumar

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Q. What did Benjy understand about the business of hens?

Ans. Benjy understood another about the business of hens, and that was that eggs could be sold to callers at the back door of house, in scores and half-scores and fivers and the money from these eggs were put carefully.

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Q. Why does lomov think that he is a critical age?

Ans. Lomov thinks that he is a critical age because his age is thirty five years and this is over age for marriage.

Q. What is civilization in the real sense of the term?

Ans, Civilization in real sense of term, consists not in multiplication but in the deliberate and voluntary restriction of wants. This alone increases and promotes contentment real happiness and capacity for service.

Q. Why is Zakir Hussain overwhelmed?Ans. Zakir Hussain overwhelmed by the trust his people have placed in him by electing him to the highest office in the land.

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Q. What are the two aspects of work that Zakir Hussain talks about?

Ans. The two aspects of work that he talks about are individual and social. We should work for ourselves as well as for our society. The individual cannot perfectly prosper without the corresponding prosperity of society.

Q. What was the condition of man in the beginning?

Ans. The condition of man in the beginning was miserable. He led nomadic life. He lived in caves and jungles. He was afraid of wild animals. He did not know how to prepare his food.

Q. Why are politicians afraid of the press?

Ans. They are afraid of the press because it can make or mark their reputation or political career. Politicians are careful not to antagonize the press.

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Q. Should the Press enjoy complete freedom?

Ans. A free and fair press is the true watch dog of democracy. In normal times, the press should be absolutely free but we should see through the internal censorship that it imposes on its readers. So, the press should not be showed to enjoy absolute freedom.

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Q. What made Seibel’s heart beat faster?

Ans. When Seibei was examine the gourds, suddenly he caught sight of one which was about five inches long and at first sight looked quite common place. Something about is made Seibei’s beat faster.

Q. Why did our ancestors dissuade us from luxuries and  pleasure?

Ans. Our ancestors dissuade us from luxuries and pleasures as they wanted to teach us to control and regulate our desires. It leads to self-control and shows the path of happiness.

Q. Why does Dr. Zakir Hussain call India “the young State of an ancient people”?

Ans. Dr. Zakir Hussain calls India ‘the young state of an ancient people’ because who through the long millennia and through co-operation of devices ethnic elements have striven to realize timeless, absolute values in their own peculiar way.

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Q. Why did seibei’s farther shout at him?

Ans. Seibei’s father shouted at him because seibei said that he didn’t think so much of baking gourd inturrped seibei. It is just a clammy great thing. So his father shouted at him.

Q. Why were the intellectuals in India restless and embittered?

Ans. The intellectuals in India were disappointment with the British Rule and they were suffering from unemployment. Therefore they were restless and embittered.

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Q. Why does the poet want to go away from his beloved?

Ans. The poet John Donne wants to go away from his beloved because he wants to make his career and achieve his goal before death or marriage.

Q. 44. What makes a man’s power feeble?

Ans. According to John Donne, Misfortune and bad chance of life make a man’s power feeble because lost hour never recalls but bad chance comes in life.

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Q. What does the poet walter de la mare think about beauty?

Ans. The poet walter de la mare thinks about beauty that beauty vanishes and passes one day however it is rare.

Q. What did the firm-hymn say to the speaker? Ans.

The firm-hymn told the speaker to forgive the fire and break the unwanted rules what the villagers have been obeying for a long time unwillingly .

Q. Why did Kamala Das often wish to go to house?

Ans. The speaker Kamala Das often wished to go to the house to pear through the windows and listen to the frozen air and bring an armful of darkness from there to lie behind her bed-room’s door.

Q. Why and how did the snake come out of the hole?

Ans. The snake had to come out of its hole because of extremely heat near the trough to drink water on a hot day. He was thirsty and needy for water. The snake came here from the fissure of the wall.

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Q. Why is Macavity termed of called criminal?

Ans. Macavity, According to T.S. Eliot is the master criminal who defies the law and the bafflement of Scotland Yard. He is not found where a crime takes place. He is a clever. Therefore after committing the offence, he runs away from there.

Q. Write the name of four modern English novelists.

Ans. (1) Rudyard Kipling

(ii) Joseph Conrad

(iii) E. M. Forster

(iv) D.H. Lawrence

Q. Name the four dialects of the middle English.

Ans. (i) Northern

(ii) Southern

(iii) East Midland

(iv) West Midland

Q. Name four Modern English poets-

Ans. Four Modern English poets are

(1) T.S. Eliot.

(ii) W.H. Auden.

(iii) W.B Yeats.

(iv) Toru Datta.

Q. Name two works of Shakespeare.

Ans. The two works of Shakespeare are Macbeth and Merchant of venice.

Q. Which type of gourd did seibei like?

Ans. Seibei liked baking gourd more than others gourds. He went on wandering in the town to search only baking gourd.

Q. What are the two broad categories of Ideas that helped mankind?

Ans. According to Bertrand Russell, The two categories of Ideas that have helped mankind are those that contribute to knowledge and technique and those that are concerned with moral and politics.

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Q. Who is Nanukaka? How did he impress the minister?


What did Nanukaka do at minister’s residence?

Ans.  Nanukaka is writer’s maternal uncle who came to visit the minister. Firstly he came in an outlandish car with a liveried chauffer. Secondly he dressed himself like a heridiatry pundit from princely state. Lastly he wrote the name in the visitors book as an astrologer of Ninnor.

Q. How is Indian civilization different form European civilization or western civilization?

Ans. According to Gandhi Ji, there is a basic difference between the Indian civilization and European Civilization. The tendency of Indian Civilization is to elevate the moral being where as the Western Civilization propogates immorality.

Q. What does Martin Luther urge his people to do?

Ans. Martin Luther king Jr. Urges his People to March on the road for thier civil right. They should continue their movement until they find all rights what they deserve.

Q. Why does the poet call Macavity a Mystery cat?

Ans. T.S. Eliot, the poet of ‘Macavity’: The Mystery Cat’ calls macavity a mystery cat because that cat is a hidden paw and he commits different type of crimes but he is not found at the place of occurence. He runs away from there.

Q. What does the poet in Fire-Hymn see/observe in the morning at the Ghat? Ans.

The poet in ‘Fire-Hymn’ sees /observes embers which lost their red cruelness,. Grey ashes and half cooked limbs at the Ghat of the the river in the morning.

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Q. Why did the poet want to wait in the poem ‘Snake’?

Ans. There came someone near the water trough. It was a snake so, the poet wanted to wait, and watch what the snake does.

Q. Name the areas where English is used as a second English is used as a second language in many Asian and language?

Ans. African countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria,Namibia, Botswana etc.

Q. How did our ancestors enjoy true Home Rule?

Ans. Our ancestors enjoyed true home rule because there is no exploitation and evils in our agricultural occupation. There is a pleasure life in home.

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Q. What are the dramatic structures of a tragedy?

Ans. In a tragedy, the conflict terminates in a catastrophe while a comedy leads to a happy conclusion.


Q. Why are the Indians quick learners of English?

Ans. Indians are quick learners of English as the grammatical and lexical rules of the Indian languages and English are mostly similar.

Q. What does Martin Luther King say about the life of Negroses ?


     What does Martin Luther King say about the blacks in the U.S.A.?

Ans. In the piece ‘I have a dream; Martin Luther King, Jr. says that the life of Negroes is unfortunately suppressed by the evil of racial segregation and discrimination on the basis of colour.

Q. In what dress did the author go to the Minister along with Nanukaka?

Ans. The author firstly managed to get an enormous, outlandish car to drive to the minister’s office. Secondly, he got to undersecretary dressed in his Jodhpur coat and turbon and lastly he dressed and sat on the car in manner that he looked a hereditary pundit from a princely state.

Q. In the poem ‘An Epitaph’, what will happen when the poet dies?

Ans. In the poem ‘An Epitaph’, the poet has serious apprehension that nobody will remember him like the most the beautiful lady who is in the grave when he dies.

Q. What do you mean by the term free press?

Ans. We usually mean freedom in a very technical and restricted sense namely freedom in a very technical and the government. The British Press in under ordinary conditions, singularly free.

Q. What was the ‘great lesson’ that India had to teach the West?

Ans. The great lesson that India had to teach the west was attaining freedom through non-violence.

Q. What led English to borrowings?


       What realisation led to the borrowings from different  language?

Ans. The English language is in vast debts nearly 80% of the English dictionary words are borrowed from other languages of the world. Many of the words have been borrowed from different language.

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Q. How does Mahatma Gandhi want his countrymen to deal with modern civilization?


What did the author convey to the countrymen about dealing with modern civilization?

Ans. The author Mahatma Gandhi wants or conveys the countrymen to cling to their civilization according to demands but they should not be the slave of modern civilization and physical material on the contrary they should avoid some wrong points of Modern civilization.

Q. Why did the poet feel honoured?

Ans. The poet D.H. Lawrence felt honoured due to the fact that snake came to the poet’s house as a guest and drank water which was present in his water trough and went away peacefully.

Q. What are the features or elements of drama?

Ans. The important elements and features of drama are plot, character, dialogue, gestures, scene effects and music.

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Q. What were the intellectuals in India restless and embittered?

Ans. The intellectuals in India were disappointed with the British rule because they were not happy to live a life of slavery. As such, they were restless and embittered.

Q. What is Dr. Zakir Hussain’s concept of education?

Ans. Dr. Zakir Hussain regards education is a prime instrument of nation building, character and culture.

Q. What are the ‘Trials and tribulation’ the author talks about?

Ans. Martin Luther King Jr. talks in his speech I have a Dream’ about the trials and tribulation face by the Negroes in jails where they had to face creative sufferings. He talks about sufferings. He talks about suffering caused by their segregation.

Q. What is the impact of poverty in the medical field?

Ans. According to Germaine Greer the immediate impact of poverty in the medical field is the cultural dominance of western technology.

Q. What conditions prevail in the woods?

Ans.  The woods are leafless. The nightingale is dumb and no angel is visible anywhere. The troller are found running and scolding for their food there.

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Q. Which event does the expression ‘the burning ghat’ refer to?

AnsThe expression ‘the burning ghat” refers to the place where dead bodies are usually cremated. One day the poet goes with his father to nearby a burning that. They saw that the fire had died out but some limbs of bodies were still half burnt.

Q.  What was the role of fire in our development?

Ans. The invention of the fire proved a milestone in our development. We began to try cook our food. It acquainted us with creating light in darkness and protecting us from wild animals. Later on it resulted in the art of cookery.

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Q. What is the reward of pregnancy for a young sylheti women?

Ans. All the time she is looked after. The whole matter of pregnancy is one of celebration. When the baby is born it is an occasion of joy for the whole family. The naming ceremony is lovely.

Q. Why did the poet like the snake?

Ans. The poet liked the snake because the snake came to his water trough as a guest and looked like a god.

Q. How did the passers-by get frightened?

Ans. The burning ghat was erupting phosphorus and ghost light was wandering hither and thither to burn everything.

Q. Write a note on the Values of English?


The Importance of En The glish.


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Discuss the relevance of English for indians.

Ans. English played a very important role in the past as it helped them acquire the latest knowledge from the western countries. It worked in linking different parts of our country and helped to bring people of different regions together. It was English that gave the dimension of a National Movement to our freedom struggle. Today science brings the world closer. Thus, it is important for Indians to learn English in this age of globalisation. So the relevance of English is very high for Indians.

Q. Write a brief note on global English .


English is a world language


English is an International language.


Ans. English is an international or world language not because it is read and spoken by the largest number of people but also because it is studied and spoken in the largest number of countries Almost all the former colonies of Britain have English as an important language. English is known as a connecting language all over the world and most of the countries like and adopt English as their native tongue. Thus English is as a world or international language.

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Q.  Write the name of four dialect of old English.

Ans. These are the four dialects of old English –


(ii) North Umbrian,

(iii) Mercian and

(iv) West Saxon.

Q. Is the speaker in Grand Mother’s House satisfied with her present life?

Ans. No, the speaker in Grand Mother’s House is not satisfied with her present life because she is not in a peace. She wants to get some peace what she felt in her grand mother’s house in childhood.place should be some corner of a foreign field which may be converted into England forever so that he may conceal into the soil.

Q. But beauty vanishes,…………

This lady of the west country.

Ans. These lines have seen compiled from ‘An Epitaph’ which has been written by walter de la Mare. Here the poet states that beaut vanishes and passes one day however it is rare and no body remembers noone after death like this most beautiful lady of the west country.

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Q. “When thou sigh’st, thou sigh’st not winde, But sigh’st my soule away”.

Ans. These lines have been extracted from John Donne’s love poem ‘Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe’. The poet promises his beloved in hyperbolic terms. An exaggerated statement is known as hyperbole. Donne says that when his beloved sighs or moans, it is not only air comes out but his soul, too. Her sighs will dissipate his soul.

Q. “Broken, yet rebellious, I swore this time…………forgiving”.

Ans. These lines have been taken from the poem ‘Fire Hymn’ written by Keki N. Daruwalla. He is disturbed to see the half-burnt bodies at the ghat and is filled with remorse and guilt of having burnt the body of his first born some years ago. So, he asks forgiveness and swears never to repeat it.


Q. In what sense does the fire forget its dead?

Ans. The fire forgets its dead in the sense that the whole body is not burnt fully. It burnt half of the body. The fire spread twenty years ago and it covers a long time. Therefore the fire forgets its dead.

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Q. Was the snake conscious of the poet’s presence?

Ans. The snake was not conscious of the poet’s presence. He came at the water trough to drink water. He looked at the poet vaguely but did not afraid of the poet.

Q. How are autumn and summer related to spring?

Ans. Autumn and summer are related to spring because when autumn departs, spring arrives with summer. Leaves fall in autumn while new leaves blossom the branch and it brings spring. So, both of them are close related.

Q. How did Seibei’s father react to the teacher’s complaint?

Ans. Having come to know Seibei’s fault, Seibei’s father reacted. As soon as he heard teacher’s complain, he became angry, and grabbed his son by the collar and gave him a sound beating. He chide (rebuked) his son with the warning that he should not get anywhere in the world, the way he is carrying on.welfare of the people it has good aspect to serve humanity. On the other hand its bad aspects is the narrow thinking of the people.

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Q. “Where are the songs of Spring…….twitter in the skies”.

Ans. These lines have been taken from the poem Ode to Autumn by the greatest romantic poet John Keats. Autumn season has its won music. Its music is not like that of the season. Its music is created by gnats, beating by Humbs, noise by hedge-cricket flowing rivers and swallows. Its music has its own charm and sweetness.

Q.”Here lies a most beautiful lady.” “Light of step and heart was  she.” or, I think she was the most beautiful lady.

Ans. These are the opening lines of ‘An Epitaph’ by Walter de la Mare. Here the poet talks about his beloved who was very beautiful but who betrayed the love of the poet. The lady did not prove to be honest and sincere. She was really’ light of step and ignored the poet’s love.

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Q. Why was the speaker in my Grandmother’s house proud of living in that house?

Ans. The speaker was proud of living in that house because she was free to do anything there, and was loved by her grandmother and felt mental peace there.

Q. What did Benjy want to do with money?

Ans. Benjy wanted to buy a piece of land with the money.

Q. Is the speaker in ‘The Soldier’ afraid of death?

Ans. The speaker is not at all afraid of death. Rupert Brooke says that for a soldier dying for one’s country is a normal thing. He is quite willing to sacrifice his life for the motherland as he is a great patriot.

Q. voice of my education said to me…..and finish him off.

Ans. These lines have been taken from the poem ‘Snake’ by D.H. Lawrence, a great novelist and poet of England. A Snake on a hot day came to a water trough to drink water. The poet does not know what to do and what not to do. Ultimately he throws a log of wood to the snake but the snake disappears and the poet regrets his action.

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Q.   That thou love’st me, as thou say’st…. the best of me.

Ans. These beautiful lines have been taken from ‘Sweetest Love, I do not goe’ which has been composed by a great Metaphysical poet of his age John Donne.

In these lines, the poet wants to tell his beloved that she loves him, but he doesn’t know how much. She loves the poet or not, it depends upon the internal point of view of the beloved. But the promise that she loves him very much, wastes his life and career even she is the best for him because the poet loves her by the core of heart.

Q. celebrate myself, and sing myself………….as good belongs to you.

Ans. These lines have been taken from ‘song of myself” which has been written by a great poet of America Walt Whitman. The poet expresses his personal feeling here that everyone celebrates and sings himself ans nobody thinks about other religions and other persons while all the human beings are equal and formed from same process.

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Q. Civilization is that mode which points out to man the path of duty?

Ans. Gandhiji defines civilization that it is the mode of conduct that points out to man the path of duty, Performance of duty and observance of morality. so, no one can escape from one’s duty to perform.

Q. It is obvious that we know more than animals do, and it is common to consider this, one of our advantages.

Ans. The lines have been taken from the essay’ Ideas that have helped mankind by Bertrand Russell. He says that it is indeed an advantage that human beings are more intelligent than animals with their power of communication and intellect, they are able to establish themselves as  superior to all living creatures in this world.

Q. “The ways of managing child-birth……..the procedures”.

Ans. These line have been taken from “A Child is Born” written by Germaine Greer. The writer says that in traditional societies, child birth is managed in many ways. They have been culturally and collectively accepted. The pregnant women greets too much respect by her family members and others. It makes the mother free from mental burden of reinventing the procedures.

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Q. The common people lived independently and followed their agricultural occupation.

Ans. This line has been taken from the essay “Indian Civilization and Culture’ written by Mahatma Gandhi. Here, Gandhiji talks about the sound foundation of Indian civilization which has successfully withstood the passages of time. The western civilization which has the tendency to privilege materiality cannot match the Indian Civilization that elevates the moral being. The common people lived independently and followed their agriculture occupation. They enjoyed true Home rule.

Q. Even more important than the domestication of animals was the invention of agricultures……

Ans. This line has been taken from the essay ‘Ideas That have helped mankind’ written by British Philosopher and Mathematician Bertrand Russell.

The writer emphasises on agricultural activity and says that the invention of agriculture was more important for mankind. People get stability in life but on other hand it also led to blood there practices in name of religion.

Q. Religion is ever-present in Indian life, in its best as well as in its worst aspects.

Ans. Acording to Pearl S Buck religion is ever present in Indian life. It has its good aspects as well as its bad aspects. If it is used for the welfare of the people it has good aspect to serve humanity. On the other hand its bad aspects is the narrow thinking of the people.

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                Poetry Summary

“Song of Myself”

Walt Whitman, one of the most individualistic literary figures of America, wrote the poem ‘Song of Myself. In this poem he tells about himself. The poet tells himself that every atom of his blood belongs to his soul and he feels that every atom of blood is the same in all human beings.

Whatever he says comes from his heart. He is ready for every danger in life and accepts that life is not a bed of roses as it is full of difficulties and happiness. He says that it is not good that people fight for religion and religious festivals. He says that everyone should always be happy and try to make others happy.

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            “An Epitaph”

‘An Epitaph’ has been composed by Walter De La Mare in which the poet has depicted a most beautiful leady who has died and buried in an epitaph. Most of the poems of Mare are simple and related to the simple life of simple persons.

A most beautiful leady of the west country is lying in the earth and no body is ready to come to her at all. The leady who was the most beautiful used to walk here and there but at present she is stagnant because she is dead.

The poet narrates that beauty vanishes and passes one day however it should be rare and impossible. Through this poem the poet wants to say that after death nobody remembers anyone however one be beautiful, powerful and great. One day he has to vanish and die.

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   “Sweetest Love, I do not Goe❞

‘Sweetest love I do not Goe is a beautiful love poem which has been composed by one of the greatest metaphysical poets John Donne. In this poem, the poet has mentioned his love and the cause of separation from his beloved.

The poet dwells far away from his beloved because he wants to get his goal before death. He doesnot go to his beloved not for weariness but he wants to make a speedier journey like the sun and spend a good life with jest. He believes in fate, chance and struggle.

The poet expresses his strong feelings for his beloved and says that when she sighs, not wind but sighs sweep away his soul. He wants that not a single evil may arise in his beloved’s divine heart. He wishes live together forever and never be parted till death from his beloved.

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The present poem “Snake” has been written by a great poet, novelist, short story writer and essayist D.H Lawrence who has described a snake and his activities in this poem Once a Snake came to the poet’s water trough to drink water on a hot day. He was too thirsty to live at all without water on the day of Sicilian July with Etna smoking. The poet saw him and wanted to greet him as a guest but after drinking water, the snake went into the horrible black hole of the earth wall. The voice of the heart of the poet told him to kill the snake but he didn’t do that because he was afraid of the snake.

   Through this poem the poet wants to preach that animals should not be killed and they should be protected.

            “Ode To Autumn”

Ode to Autumn is an important poem which has been written by a great modern and romantic poet John Keats in which he shows the importance of Autumn.

 In the Autumn season, there is the plenty of delicious fruit and the mists of season. The maturing sun is the close friend of fruits and vegetables conspiring how to load and bless them.

There is the plenty of comedies in this season, When a person tries to sleep, he dozes in a day. There is the plenty of music in autumn. When cloud thunder and birds twitter in the sky. Crickets sing and Red breast whistles.

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    “My Grand Mother’s House”

My Grand mother’s House is a remarkable creation of Kamala Das. Here in this poem the poet remembers the family home where she lived as a girl and where her grand mother showered love and affection on her.

Once this house was a happy place. But when her grand mother died and the speaker lived in other place, the house turned into bad condition. The sad and painful memories of the past have not left her. She still hankers after that kind of innocent love which she received from grand mother.

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     Rising Prices/Prices Rising

Prices are touching the sky these days. Several factors have contributed to the rise in prices. The devaluation of money is the first cause of rising prices. The devaluation affects purchasing power of money. Naturally, people have to face the crisis created by the rise in prices.

Black marketeers and hoarders are also responsible for rise in prices. Some businessmen hoard essential commodities of daily use. A state of artificial scarcity is created in the market. Naturally, people have to buy these commodities at fancy price.

Rise in prices has affected the people of the middle class society and lower class society. Rising prices have mad life miserable. People have to toil hard round the clock to make both ends meet. They are always haunted by cares and worries. Rise in prices is undermining moral stamina of the society. Hungry and naked, some children fall prey to the evil exploitation. 

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The Game You Like Most / A Cricket Match

Among all the out-door games, I like Cricket very much. In this play, the field is generally arranged in the same way everywhere. Of the fieldsmen three man are placed in the on-side-one in the square leg, one in the mid-on, and the last in the long-on. Six fielders are usually placed in the off side-three men in the slip, one in the cover-point. A whole-day cricket match is divided into two periods; one lasts from 11 to 1 and the other from 2 to 5.

In a match, which I happened to witness, the Calcutta team won the toss and went in. The first four players, though renowned batsmen, could make no stand against the terrible bowling of the Natore bowlers. None of them could get into double figures. The fifth and the sixth men displayed dash and confidence, and carried the total  to 104. Then a rot set in and the home team was dismissed for the meagre total of 24 runs. The fielding of the visitor team was all that could be desired.

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Television has now become, almost an essential part of every house. Although, everyone seems to enjoy watching it, the youngsters enjoy it more than others. It is quite useful too if they watch some selected programmes. However, what happens is that the young boys and girls are watching the light entertainment programmes from morning till evening. This is a misuse of television and must be avoided. It an cause multifarious harms to body and mind. First of all, it affects the eyes. Secondary , many programmes are such as do not have a desirable influence on the young mind. Last but not least, the studies suffer. Students pay no heed to their homework.

The pleasure of Watching Television are limitless. Television has become an integral part of life. Its in usefulness has become great. It gives the latest information about the activities occurring around us. It is a source of knowledge and entertainment. It has every kind of programmes for all ages. Women, Children, old people, students have their separate programmes. Television is like newspapers. If one doesn’t see television one feels missing something. You can derive pleasure from films, serials, panel discussions and news. It has brought the world closer.

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                   Your Hobbies

A hobby is an activity which a person pursues in his free time and has a keen interest in it. Hobbies are pursued with a lot of enthusiasm. I like reading books and developed an interest in reading at a very young age. I like to read all kind of books like fictions, mystery, biographies. My favourite author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has created the character ‘Sherlock Holmes’, one of the best detectives in the world. In particular, I like the book ‘The Hound of Baskervilles.’

My hobby of reading has helped me a lot. It has certainly helped me to improve my skills in English language which is essential in today’s time. It has helped me to learn about human behaviour and nature. It is a vast ocean of knowledge and I am yet at the shore.

List of POETS and POEMS (For Matching)

Poets Poems
1. John Donne Sweetest love, I do not goe
2. Walt whitman Song of Myself
3. W.H. Auden Now the Leaves are falling fast
4. John Keats To Autumn
5. Water De La Mare An Epitaph
6. Rupert Brooke The soldier
7. T.S. Eliot Macavity. The mystery cat
8. Keki N.          Daruwala Fire-Hymn
9. D.H. Lawrence Snake
10. Kamala Das My Grand Mother’s House

List of Writers and Chapters


1. Mahatma Gandhi

Indian Civilization and Culture
2. Dr. Zakir Hussain Bharat is my home
3. Manohar Malgaonkar A Pinch of Snuff
4. Bertrand Russell. Ideas That Have Helped Mankind
5. Martin Luther king Jn. I have a dream
6. Shiga Naoya The Artist
7. Germaine Greer A child is Born
8. Dorothy L. Sayers How free is the Press
9. H.E. Bates The Earth
10. Pearl S. Buck. India Through Travel’s Eye
11. Anton Chekhov. A marriage Proposal

* Poetry

Study syllabus praveen kumar

Poets Position Place
1. John Donne Metaphysical Poet England
2. Walt Whitman People’s Poet America
3. W. H. Auden Versatile Poet England, United State
4. John Keats Romantic Poet England
5. Walter De La Mare Children Poet England
6. Rupert Brooke War Poet England
7. T. S. Eliot Classicist. Anglo-Cath U.S.A.-England
8. KeKi N. Daruwalla Landscope Poet India
9.D. H. Lawrence Modern poet England
10. Kamala Das Modern poet India

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